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Bamboo Cutting Board - 4-H Logo

Custom engraved bamboo cutting board with engraved 4-H logo and personalized engraved text.
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  • Custom engraved bamboo cutting board with engraved 4-H logo of your choice.
  • 4-H Logo, 4H Logo
  • Custom engraved bamboo cutting board with engraved horse 4-H logo and personalized engraved text.
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Price: $24.95
Product ID : BAMCB-4H
Manufacturer: JDS
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Bamboo Cutting Board - 4-H Logo

Custom engraved bamboo cutting board with engraved 4-H logo of your choice. Personalize your cutting board with engraved text. Great gift for weddings, bridal showers, engagements, house warming and more. Makes a great equestrian home decor gift. Add a functional decoration to your kitchen with our custom engraved bamboo wood cutting boards. Our bamboo cutting boards are designed with the idea that a bamboo cutting board has two sides, one side can be used as a decoration in your kitchen and the other (blank) side can be used as a traditional cutting board. Please note that since the cutting boards are made from a natural wood there can be variations from the photos shown.

Rectangle Small $24.95: 9” X 6”
Rectangle Medium $29.95: 11 1/2” X 8 3/4”
Rectangle Large $32.95: 13 3/4” X 9 3/4”
2 Tone Medium $38.95: 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" 
2 Tone Large $42.95: 18" x 12" 
Inlay Small $32.95: 12" x 8 1/4" 
Inlay Medium $34.95: 15" x 10 1/4" 
Inlay Large $44.95: 18 1/4" x 12" 
Paddle: $28.95: 13 1/2” X 7”
Inlay Paddle: $34.95: 13 1/2” X 7”
Long Paddle $38.95: 4" x 22"

* Layout: We will lay out your cutting board to best work with the design and/or text you have chosen. If you have a specific lay out, specialized design or custom logo you would like engraved on a cutting board please email us before placing your order. We are happy to work with you to create a unique beautiful cutting board.

Personalize: Add engraved text to your bamboo cutting board. Includes up to 3 lines of engraving. Max 30 characters per line. Choose your font and enter your engraving information above.

* Font Information: We will engrave your text on your cutting board EXACTLY how you type it in your order. So if you use upper and lower case letters that is how your cutting board will be engraved. If you use all CAPITAL letters that is how your cutting board will be engraved. Except for Edwardian Script, Fiolex Girls, French Script, Giddy Up, Harlow, Lucida Calligraphy, Monotype Corsiva or Script they are only available in upper and lower case. If you want capital letters on one line and lower case on the other just type in your text exactly how you want it and that is how it be engraved on your cutting board. Again we engrave your cutting board EXACTLY how you type it in! Feel free to email us with any questions. * If you do not want text just leave the text boxes blank and we will engrave just the image you select.

** Font Style Fiolex Girls: This font automatically places 1 - 2 engraved hearts over every capital letter and over all the lower case i letters. So if you use all capital letters there will be hearts for each letter. If you enter Upper and Lower case the upper case letters will have hearts and any lower case i. Look carefully at the font image above to see how the font looks with the engraved hearts.

* For additional lines of engraving, more characters, different fonts or your logo - please email for information and pricing.

Bamboo Cutting Board Care: Hand wash using warm soapy water. DO not submerge the cutting board in water or place the cutting board in the dishwasher. It is best to clean your bamboo cutting board right after use. Do not let food or juices dry on board. Do not store your cutting board until it is clean and completely dry. Occasionally you should wipe your cutting board down with a clean cloth and a food safe oil or conditioner. Make sure to wipe off excess oil when finished. An all-natural food safe cutting board oil/conditioner is recommended. Make sure to condition all sides of the cutting board. Including the engraved side and edges. We use Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil & Natural Waxes or Howard's Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil. This brand can be found at most hardware or home store. How often you treat your board will vary on how often you use it. Once a month is the standard suggestion but a lot of people will do it every couple of weeks. It would need to be done more often if you use your cutting board daily. To freshen your bamboo cutting board up between oil/conditioner treatments, slice a fresh lemon in half and rub onto the surfaces of your cutting board.

Our laser engraved bamboo cutting boards are non-returnable if engraved with your personalized text. Please make sure to double check your spelling before placing your order. You can also double check your spelling after your order has been placed by viewing the invoice that you will receive via email, if you find any errors please email us right away!

* The 4-H National Headquarters has extended authorization for Horse Smarts to use the 4-H name and/or logo on engraved awards and gifts items. We have a large selection of gifts and awards already but if you are looking for a specific item and do not see it here please let us know and we will do our best to get that item for you. We also have a large selection of horse designs and farm animal designs available on this site. If you would like to use the 4-H logo and one of our other designs together on a gift or award please email us as we would be happy to work with you to create a unique 4-H award or gift.

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