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Necklaces - Sterling Silver Equestrian Jewelry

Horse Smarts offers many sterling silver horse necklaces in its equine jewelry collection. Some are completely silver while others are combined with leather or color to make distinctive pieces of equestrian horse jewelry. There are even horseshoe nail necklaces where the design of the necklace is formed using horseshoe nails. There are horseshoe necklaces, bit necklaces, stirrup necklaces, snaffle necklaces, d bit necklaces and many more horse design necklaces. Any of these beautiful necklaces would make a welcome addition to any equestrian horse jewelry collection.
Horse Head 3D Necklace
3D horse head sterling silver equestrian necklace. Quality horse jewelry...
Petite Horseshoe CZ Necklace
Petite Horseshoe with CZ Sterling silver equestrian jewelry necklace.
Jack Russell Necklace
Sterling silver equestrian jewelry necklace featuring a Jack Russell terrier.
Product is out of stock
Marcasite Horseshoe Necklace - Small
Sterling silver equestrian jewelry necklace featuring a square cut marcasite...
Product is out of stock
Medium D-Ring Snaffle Bit Pendant
Medium D-Ring Snaffle Bit Pendant - Sterling Silver - Horse Jewelry
Product is out of stock
Horse inspired sterling silver equestrian jewelry necklaces. Bit necklaces, Horseshoe necklaces, stirrup necklaces and more! Just click the links above to browse through the Horse Smarts Sterling Silver equestrian horse jewelry available.