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Horse Smarts Breed Descriptions
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Horse Breed Descriptions
Paso Fino
The Paso Fino is a naturally-gaited horse with a history dating back many centuries to Spain. The Paso Fino is a mix of the Barb, Spanish Jennet , and Andalusian horse and was bred by Spanish land owners in Puerto Rico and Colombia to be used in the plantations because of their endurance and the comfortable ride they provided. The Paso Fino has several different body types from quite small and refined to very large and powerful. The action of the two strains is somewhat different. The Puerto Rican Paso Fino is prized for its fine or delicate step while the Colombian Paso Fino tends to have more of a rapid, piston-like action.
The Percheron is a breed of powerful rugged draft horses that originated in the Perche region of France. It gets its name from the Perche valley in the north of France.
Peruvian Paso , sometimes called Peruvian Stepping Horse
The Peruvian Paso is a breed of horse considered to be the smoothest riding horse on earth. It is distinguished by a uniquely natural and efficient gait called the paso llano which is a lateral four beat gait. The breed's ancestors came from Spain and included a mixture of Barb, Spanish Jennet, and the Andalusian. The breed was refined and carefully bred in Peru over several centuries making for a purebred that has roots to the once populous naturally gaited horses of Spain.
Pleven (Horse)
The Pleven breed of horse is essentially Anglo-Arabian, and the breed was officially recognized in 1951. It is a competition horse with a natural jump, and has free-flowing gaits.
Pinzgauer (Horse)
The Noriker (or the Pinzgauer ) is a breed of draught horse with a reputation for toughness and stamina.
Przewalski's Horse , also known as Takhi or Mongolian Wild Horse)
Przewalski's Horse ( Equus ferus przewalskii or Equus caballus przewalskii, classification is debated), also known as the Asian Wild Horse or Mongolian Wild Horse , or Takhi , is the closest living wild relative of the domestic Horse.
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The Qatgani is a light riding horse from Afghanistan.

A Quarab is a cross between an American Quarter Horse and an Arabian Horse. The Quarter Horse is known for speed and tractability and the Arabian for its agility and stamina. Both breeds are highly intelligent. This cross is an attempt to integrate the best traits of both breeds. The United Quarab Registry was developed in 1989 to promote the cross. The Painted Quarab Index was added in 1991 to include the colorful tobiano and overo patterns of the American Paint Horse. Only horses with Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Paint blood are accepted and both parents of eligible horses must be registered with the respective registry for that breed.

The Quarab's body type may resemble more the stock-horse type with muscular forearm and gaskin and well-rounded hip, or the Arabian type with long, well-arched neck, long barrel, and level croup. The head usually shows refinement, large eyes, wide forehead, and slight to extreme dish in the face, depending on the ratio of Arabian to Quarter Horse blood. Height ranges from 14 to 16 hands.

The Quarab is suited to many events, such as roping, reining, dressage, trail riding, driving, racing and endurance.

Quarter Horse, see American Quarter Horse


Racking Horse
Some people debate if the Racking Horse is a stand-alone breed, but is was given that designation by the USDA in 1978, and the breed has its own organization today. The Racking Association's goal is to preserve the Racking Horse in a natural state with little or no artificial devices that enhance gait. The horse's tail is naturally raised without nicking. Some classes allow special shoes that enhance the gait, but chains and other devices are not allowed. (One banned practice is the application of caustic chemicals just above the hoof, known as "soring," so-called because a horse alters its gait due to discomfort or sore feet. This is a federal offense within the United States under the provisions of the Horse Protection Act.)

Rhenish-German Cold-Blood
The Rhenish was developed as a breed in the Rhineland less than 100 years ago. Local heavy horses from Rhineland, Westphalia and Saxony were used, but the main foundation stock came from Belgian. The Belgian (horse) was imported in large numbers to establish what was the become Germany's most numorous breed of heavy horses. Some Ardennes blood was also used.

The heavy horses of Germany now make up only 2% of its equine population. The Rhenish is one of four German heavy horse breeds (the others being the Black Forest horse, Schleswig horse and the South German Cold-Blood), and its numbers today are very small.

Rocky Mountain Horse
Around the turn of the century, a young horse soon to be called the Rocky Mountain Horse appeared in eastern Kentucky that gave rise to a line of horses prized by North American and European owners. On the farm of Sam Tuttle in Spout Springs Kentucky, there stood a stallion "Old Tobe". This sure footed, gentle horse carried young, old, and inexperienced riders over the rugged mountain trails of Natural Bridge State Park where Sam held the concession for horse-back riding. Even though Old Tobe was a breeding stallion, he carried riders without faltering. He fathered many fine horses up until the age of 37, and many of the present Rocky Mountain Horses carry his bloodline.
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Russian Don
The Russian Don is a breed of horse named after the steppes region of Russia where the Don River flows.
Russian Heavy Draft
The Russian Heavy Draft is a draft horse developed in the Soviet Union, that was officially registered in 1952.
Russian Trotter
The Russian Trotter or Métis Trotter was developed in Russia to create a horse with a faster trotting speed than the older Russian Orlov Trotter. 156 Standardbred stallions and 220 mares were imported from the United States between the years of 1890 and 1914. Being the fastest trotter in the world, the Standardbred was crossed with the Orlov Trotter, producing at first animals who were faster but of lower quality. Further breeding produced a larger trotter of better quality. Further infusions of Standardbred and Orlov Trotter were added to the best offspring, and periodic infusions of both breeds are still added to this day.

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