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Horse Smarts Pony Breed Descriptions
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Pony Breed Descriptions
Pony breeds Main article: Pony

Ponies are usually classified as animals that mature at less that 14.2 hands. However, some pony breeds may occasionally have individuals who mature over 14.2 but retain all other breed characteristics. There are also some breeds that now frequently mature over 14.2 hands due to modern nutrition and management, yet retain the historic classification "pony." For the purposes of this list, if a breed registry classifies the breed as a "pony," it is listed here as such, even if some individuals have horse characteristics.

(Please note: Because of this designation by the preference of a given breed registry, most miniature horse breeds are listed as "horses," not ponies)

Dales Pony
The Dales Pony is a small horse breed native to the eastern Pennines of northern England. They have great stamina and were used as a pack animal.

Dartmoor Pony
The Dartmoor pony roams wild in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, in the United Kingdom. It is closely related to the Exmoor Pony.

The Dartmoor has lived in southern Britain for centuries. It makes an excellent first pony for a child, and is used for a variety of disciplines. Because of the extreme weather conditions experienced on the moors, the Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. Over the centuries it has been used as a working animal by local tin miners and quarry workers.

Despite this, numbers have declined - from an estimated 25,800 in the 1930s to perhaps 5,000 today.
Dulmen Pony
The Dulmen is the only native pony breed in Germany, now that the Senner pony of the Teutoburg Forest is extinct.
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Eriskay Pony
Eriskay pony . A rare breed of pony from the Isle of Eriskay of the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland. There are currently only about 300 Eriskays in the world.

Eriskay ponies are usually born black or bay and typically turn grey as they mature, though a few have remained black or bay into adulthood. No other colours occur. Their coat is dense, waterproof, and of medium length and they have a little, light feathering on their legs. They stand between 12.0 and 13.2 hands high (1.2 to 1.32 metres).

Exmoor Pony
The Exmoor Pony is the oldest and most primitive of the British native ponies, as well as the purest, and some herds still roam free in the moors of southwest England (i.e. Exmoor).

Falabella, see Falabella (Horse) in Horse section

Faroe Pony
The Faroe pony , or Faroese Horse , is a small pony, its height is between 115 cm -125 cm. The colors are mainly brown, red and black. It is known to be very hardy, friendly, adaptable and surefooted pony and it has 3 gaits - Walk, Trot, Canter. Although these are the 3 gaits, there has been a happening where a Faroe pony did walk the Icelandic gait tölt, for a few minutes. [citation needed]

The pony was used in the old day to haul bear and heavy loads at the farms and when it wasn't at work, it was released onto the mountains where it roamed free. Today it is mostly used as a riding horse for children, who want to learn the art of riding.

The Faroe pony has been on the Faroe Islands for many hundred years, in the 1960'ies there were approximately 5 - 6 horses left on the Faroe Islands because of the huge export on horses to the mines in the United Kingdom. With a huge effort, that number has now increased to about 50 horses and the aim is to maintain and develop it further. The Faroe pony has recently been recognised as a unique breed.

The Faroe Islands has an export ban on horses, which means that these magnificent horses are only to be seen on the Faroe Islands and therefore are little known in other countries.

Fell Pony
The Fell Pony is a versatile, working breed of mountain and moorland pony which originates from the North of England. This large pony averages 13-2 hands (1.37 m), with the upper height limit at 14 hands (1.42 m). It was originally from the fells of north west England, and is a prized as a riding and driving pony. They are closely related to their geographic neighbor, the Dales Pony, but are generally lighter in build.
French Saddle Pony
The French Saddle Pony , also called the Poney Français de Selle, is a relatively new breed, created to fulfill the same role as the British pony or British Riding pony.
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