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Horse Smarts Pony Breed Descriptions
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Pony Breed Descriptions
Pony breeds Main article: Pony

Ponies are usually classified as animals that mature at less that 14.2 hands. However, some pony breeds may occasionally have individuals who mature over 14.2 but retain all other breed characteristics. There are also some breeds that now frequently mature over 14.2 hands due to modern nutrition and management, yet retain the historic classification "pony." For the purposes of this list, if a breed registry classifies the breed as a "pony," it is listed here as such, even if some individuals have horse characteristics.

(Please note: Because of this designation by the preference of a given breed registry, most miniature horse breeds are listed as "horses," not ponies)

Galician Pony
The Galician pony is a breed of pony developed in northwestern Spain that has had an influence on the Galiceno breed in Mexico. It is thought to have developed partly from the Garrano pony of Portugal. The ponies are hardy and rugged. They have a size between a pony and a normal horse, and have a short body and strong legs. They have a straight profile, and usually are chestnut in color.

The ponies are currently used for riding and meat production, although they were originally used to produce brushes from their mane hairs. A herdbook was formed in 1994.

A 1973 study by Pedro Iglesias estimated more than 20,000 Galician ponies are free in the mountains of Northwestern Spain. However, it is thought that their numbers have probably decreased. Once a year, the semi-wild herd is driven from the mountains to the "curro," where the ponies are branded and their manes and tails are cut. Some are sold, while the rest are set free.

The Garrano is an ancient breed of horse from Portugal, they are mainly used as a pack horse, for riding, and for light farm work.

Gotland Pony
Gotland pony is a Swedish pony breed. Its Swedish name, Gotlandsruss, comes from word "Ross" meaning a mount or a war horse. Gotland ponies are thought to descend from Tarpans that lived on the small island of Gotland that is on the South-Eastern coast of Sweden right after the last ice-age.

The Gotland pony is the only breed of horse native to Sweden, there once was a breed called Öland horse that is now extinct. the Öland horse lived on the island of Öland, just south of Gotland.

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Guo-xìa Pony , see Chinese Guoxia
Hackney Pony
The Hackney Pony is a pony breed developed by primarily one man, Christopher Wilson. He used St. George, his Hackney Horse stallion foaled in 1866, to breed with Fell Pony mares, and then interbred the offspring to make a fixed type of pony. The Hackney Pony probably also has much Welsh Pony blood.

First known as Wilson Ponies, they were usually kept out all year, wintering in the inhospitable Fells with little food or care. This developed the breed's great toughness and endurance. By the 1880s the breed was established, and was very much liked for its great trotting ability and class.

The breed does not have its own studbook, but shares one with the Hackney Horse in all countries that have an official Hackney Stud Book Registry.

The ponies may not be above 14.2 hands (hh) and usually range between 12 and 14 hh. It should have true pony characteristics, and should not be a scaled down version of the Hackney Horse. They usually have even more exaggerated action the Hackney Horse, knees rising as high as possible and hocks coming right under the body. The action should be fluid, spectacular, and energetic, with the pony carrying the tail and head high, with an arched neck.

The pony should have a small pony head, carried high, with alert and pricked ears and large, intelligent eyes. The neck should be muscular, arched, and carried proudly. They should have powerful shoulders, a compact back, and a light frame. The legs are strong with good joints, but the bone is usually fine. The feet are very hard, and are usually allowed to grow long in the toe to accentuate the action of the pony. The tail is often set.

The ponies can be black, bay (which includes brown), or chestnut with some white markings. Due to the sabino gene, common in the breed, the Hackney Pony may have white markings on its body as well as on its legs and head. The sabino gene (possibly a gene complex ), is possibly a recessive gene and generally unpredictable, so breeding solely for body white marks can be difficult.

The Hackney Pony also has a reputation for being very pugnacious, often picking fights with horses much larger than itself. [citation needed] Because of their tenacity, and fearlessness, they are top-tier show ponies.

Highland Pony
The Highland Pony is a native British pony, and is the largest of Britain's 9 native breeds. Its pedigree dates back to the 1880s. It was once a workhorse in the Scottish mainland and islands, but today is used for trekking and general riding.
Hokkaido Pony
Generally called Do-san-ko in Japan as a term of endearment, the Hokkaido pony is an old breed. It a quite rare breed.
Hucul Pony
The Hucul/Carpathian is a breed of draft horse, originally from the Carpathian Mountains. This heavy horse possesses great endurance and hardiness. The breed is also referred to as the Carpathian pony , Huculska , Hutsul , Hutul , Hutan or Huzul .

Hucul ponies are usually calm and are used for both trail riding and pulling timber in otherwise inaccessible forested areas. They are brown, grey or dark grey.

Icelandic Pony, see Icelandic Horse in Horse section


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