Engraved Nameplates

The 4-H National Headquarters has extended authorization for Horse Smarts to use the 4-H name and/or logo on engraved awards and gifts items. We have a large selection of gifts and awards already but if you are looking for a specific item and do not see it here please let us know and we will do our best to get that item for you. We also have a large selection of horse designs and farm animal designs available on this site. If you would like to use the 4-H logo and one of our other designs together on a gift or award please email us as we would be happy to work with you to create a unique 4-H award or gift.
Product ID : ADHS-4H
4-H logo ornamental engraved brass or silver nameplate with adhesive back....
Product ID : HSP-BR-4H
Engraved brass stall nameplate for your horses' stall door. Includes the 4-H...
Product ID : R-BC-4H
Custom bridle charm with engraved 4-H logo of your choice. Comes in either...
Product ID : 101-4H
4-H logo engraved brass or silver horse bridle nameplate. Bridle plates come...
Product ID : CB-500-HS-4H
Colored Anodized Aluminum horse bridle tag with custom engraved text and 4-H...
Product ID : 101-MT-4H
4-H logo engraved brass or silver horse martingale nameplate. Martingale...
Product ID : HP-4H
Engraved horse halter plate with your choice of text and 4-H logo. Halter...
Product ID : LBP-4H
Custom engraved 4-H logo leather belt brass or silver nameplate.
Product ID : 545-MT-4H
Custom engraved metal stall nameplate for your horses' stall door with...
Product ID : PFP-4H
4-H Logo engraved brass or silver picture frame nameplate. These plate a...
Product ID : 104-PL-4H
Personalized engraved 4-H logo plastic nameplate with adhesive or magnet...
Product ID : 545-PL-4H
Engraved plastic stall nameplate for your horses' stall door with engraved...
Product ID : LBP-SD-4H
Custom engraved 4-H logo saddle brass or silver nameplate.
Custom engraved nameplates with the 4-H logo and personalized text. We offer brass, silver and aluminium plates for engraving.