Engraved jewelry with your choice of custom engraved Welsh Corgi dog design. Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Cardigan
Product ID : DT-113-DG-WC
Custom engraved black and silver Military GI dog tag necklace with...
Product ID : ALUM-CR-NK-D-WC
Colorful charm necklace or key chain with engraved Welsh Corgi dog design of...
Product ID : LCB-DG-CP
Custom engraved leatherette Corgi paws bracelet. Makes a great gift for Corgi...
Product ID : WDNK-WC
Custom engraved wood circle charm with the engraved corgi design of your...
Product ID : LCB-DG-WC
Custom engraved leatherette bracelet with you choice of Corgi design and...
Product ID : LCBW-DG-WC
Custom engraved leatherette heartbeat bracelet with a heartbeat and your...
Custom engraved necklaces and bracelets with your choice of Welsh Corgi design. Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Cardigan