Leather Dog Collars with Engraved Corgi Designs

Leather dog collars with custom engraved corgi designs and personalized text. Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Cardigan
Product ID : 01TUZ-WC
Edgewood leather classic dog collar with FREE engraved Welsh Corgi design...
Product ID : 01TEZ-WC
Edgewood leather edge stitched dog collar with custom engraved brass corgi...
Product ID : 01TFN-WC
Edgewood leather fancy stitched raised dog collar with FREE engraved corgi...
Product ID : 1505-WC
Laced leather dog collar with engraved corgi design brass nameplate. Collar...
Product ID : TDC-P34-WC
Padded leather dog collar with custom engraved brass corgi design nameplate....
Product ID : TDC-PC-WC
Plain creased leather dog collar with solid brass buckle and dee. Comes with...
Custom engraved Welsh Corgi design dog collars with personalized text. Edgewood Leather, Tory Leather, Welsh Corgi, Pembroke, Cardigan