Horse Smarts’ sterling silver horse earrings come in a large array. There are post earrings; wired earrings and lock back earrings. There are bit earrings, horseshoe earrings, horseshoe nail earrings, stirrup earrings, snaffle earrings, d bit earrings and many other horse design earrings. Every horse lover can use multiple pairs in her equestrian horse jewelry collection. How could she go out and feel fully dressed without some piece of equestrian horse jewelry?
Product ID : 391ER
Cantering horse sterling silver equestrian jewelry post earrings.
Product ID : 639ER
Celtic Claddagh sterling silver equestrian jewelry hoop earrings.
Product ID : 619ER
Celtic horse Sterling silver equestrian earrings. Equestrian jewelry earrings...
Product ID : 651ER
Celtic triple horse knot sterling silver equestrian jewelry ball and post...
Product ID : PJE41
dancing horse pewter horse inspired earrings. Equestrian jewelry earrings...
Product ID : 334-D
Sterling silver equestrian jewelry Dressage earrings. Show your love of...
Product ID : HLG-ET-ER
Dressage horse doing an extended trot pewter earrings. These quality...
Product ID : HLG-HP-ER
Dressage horse doing a half pass pewter earrings. These quality equestrian...
Product ID : HLG-HHHS-ER
Horse head with horseshoe pewter horse inspired earrings. These quality...
Product ID : 667ER
Horse head 3D sterling silver equestrian jewelry dangle earrings.
Product ID : HS454
Horse head equestrian jewelry Earrings. These quality equestrian horse...
Product ID : JE6801
Horse head and heart equestrian horse jewelry fashion earrings.
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Horse inspired sterling silver equestrian jewelry earrings. Bit earrings, Horseshoe earrings, stirrup earrings and more! Just click the links above to browse through the Horse Smarts Sterling Silver equestrian horse jewelry available.