Edgewood Girths

Edgewood is currently experiencing significant supply chain issues. The items they need to make their products are just not reaching them in a timely fashion which has really affected their processing times. At this time they are estimating 4 – 6 months to process and ship orders. They are doing everything they can to get orders out faster but until the supply chain issues change they are predicting long delays. At this time we are only offering items we currently have in stock. Edgewood does have some items made up and ready to go but on a very limited basis. If we do not show the item you are looking for in stock please email us and we will check with Edgewood to see if it is available. If you would like to be notified when they are caught up please email us your information. Hopefully this is only a short issue and things get back to normal soon.

Edgewood offers the finest handcrafted leather horse girths on the market today. The top of each girth is manufactured from the same quality cowhide as their bridles. Edgewood girths are available with or without sheepskin fleece lining.
Product ID : EDGR-8
Top quality Edgewood leather and sheepskin horse girth with elastic on both...
Product ID : EDGR-9
Top quality Edgewood leather and sheepskin fancy stitched horse girth with...
Product ID : 71ZZZ
Replacement sheepskin for Edgewood's removable sheepskin girths.
The interior of Edgewood's quality girth is constructed from thick, 7/16" felt laid over a length of nylon webbing which is sewn-in to prevent stretching. Sewing the nylon webbing in place adds additional strength to the leather horse girth. A nylon-reinforcing strap is sewn into each buckle to prevent buckles from tearing.