Engraved Plates

All of your engraved horse plates are offered. Halter nameplates, stall plates, bridle plates and more. You choose the engraving font for your engraved plates. Get your engraved horse nameplates at Horse Smarts today. Get a FREE brass engraved halter plate when you buy a leather Walsh halter. Check out our halter section for details.
Product ID : SDL-BR-RO
Engraved horse saddle nameplate with choice of rodeo design. Reining Horse,...
Product ID : 101-BR-RO
Rodeo design bridle nameplate. Bridle plate comes with either an ornamental...
Product ID : 101-MP-RO
Rodeo design horse martingale engraved plate. Our Martingale nameplate comes...
Product ID : BRSIL-HP-RO
Rodeo design engraved horse halter plates with either an ornamental end or...
Product ID : BCC-BC-RO
Horse bridle charm with engraved rodeo design of your choice. Reining Horse,...
Product ID : BCC-BC-HD7
Horse bridle charm with engraved horse design 7 of your choice. Decorative...
Customize your engraved brass horse nameplate by adding an engraved horse design or breed logo to your nameplate. We have a large array of engraving designs to choose from. Our engraved nameplates ship for as low as $1.80.