Horse Show Awards

Horse Smarts can take care of all of your horse show award needs. We stock a large amount of items that are prefect for horse show awards and barn gifts. We also have a large selection of awards that can be custom ordered. We have leather key fobs, key chains, plaques and more listed in our online store. We also work closely with a few award companies for items that we don't stock on a regular basis. Everything from trophies to perpetual award plaques. Below you will find a few links to the endless amount of awards that we can create for your horse show. Just click the links below to view our non-stock horse show awards. Some of the files are large and may take a little time to open.


If you see something in any of the catalogs provided that would work for your horse show awards just send us an email with the item you are interested in, how many of the item you would like and what type of engraving if any you will need. We will create a quote with turn around time and email you back right away.

Listed below are just a few of the items that we stock that would work great as horse show awards.

Brass engraved horse halter, bridle and stall nameplate horse show awards and barn gifts.
Brass halter, bridle and stall plates make great horse show awards. Halter and bridle plates come with up to 2 lines of engraving. You can go with straight text or you can add a horse design, breed logo or your own horse show logo. An example would be the name of your horse show on one line and the placing on the second line. Click Picture to view the brass engraved nameplate category.
Walsh leather halters with engraved brass nameplate make great division champion horse show awards or barn gifts.
Looking for a division champion horse show award. Try one of our many Walsh halters with engraved brass nameplates. We have many different styles and colors of Walsh leather halters.
Leather hoof pick fobs with free brass engraved nameplate make good horse show awards and barn gifts.
Leather hoof pick fobs come with a brass snap on one end and a brass folding hoof pick on the other. The leather hoof pick fob comes with a free engraved bass nameplate that can take up to to lines of engraving. These are great for last minute ring side hoof picking and are handy to have around the barn as well. You can add an engraved horse design, breed logo, horse show logo for a more dramatic look. Click picture above to view our leather fobs.
Leather snap key fob horse show award item or equestrian gift comes with a free brass engraved nameplate.
Leather snap key fobs can be used for class or division horse show awards. Each fob comes with a free engraved brass nameplate. You can choose text only or text and horse design, breed logo or horse show logo. Click image above to view the colors and designs available.
Horse show award or equestrian gift leather key fob with engraved brass nameplate comes in 2 sizes and 3 leather color choices.
Leather key fob with engraved brass nameplate. These leather fobs come with a brass split ring and a free brass engraved nameplate with up to 2 lines of text. You can also add a horse design, breed logo or horse show logo for a more custom look. Click image above to view fob colors and sizes that are available.
Horse Show Award Plaques
Laser engraved horse show award plaques. Lots of horse breed logos, horse designs and 4-H logos to choose from. You can choose to have the horse show information engraved right on the wood or on a color metal plates that is attached to the plaque. We offer Alder, Bamboo walnut walnut wood plaques.