Leather Leads

Quality leather horse leads made by Tory Leather. Made in the USA
Product ID : TH-170
Tory leather's braided leather 1" wide horse lead comes in 2 leather colors.
Product ID : 191-PB
Creased bridle leather horse lead with a 24" chain from Tory Leather....
Product ID : 172-SB
Creased bridle leather horse lead that comes with a 24" or 30" brass chain...
Product ID : TH-173
Single ply leather 3/4" wide horse lead with a fine brass or nickel silver...
Product ID : TH-174
Double ply stitched leather horse lead with a 24" fine plated brass or nickel...
Product ID : THL-1554
This coupler attachment doubles as a Lunge Attachment, Dog Coupler or the...
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Leather Horse Leads made by Walsh Harness and Saddlery. The Walsh company traces its rich heritage back to the mid 1800s, as craftsman of outstanding quality leather products. For more than 100 years, their innovations and unwavering attention to detail have made Walsh Leather Leads: The Choice Of Champions!