Leather Leashes

Leather dog leashes from Edgewood Leahter, Tory Leather and Auburn Leathercrafters.
Product ID : AUL-DL-CMOL
The camouflage leather dog leash is classy but fun twist on a favorite. This...
Product ID : EW-CL
Edgewood classic tan leather dog Leash with brass snap. Edgewood Leather
Product ID : TDL-FCL
Flat creased leather dog leash with a flat handle and solid brass snap. Comes...
Product ID : AUL-DL-DWC
The leather dog walking coupler makes it easy to walk 2 dogs together easily...
Product ID : EW-ESLT
Edgewood classic edge stitched tan leather dog Leash with brass snap....
Product ID : TDL-FSL
Full stitched leather dog leash with solid brass snap. Comes in black, havana...