Pewter Jewelry

Horse Smarts carries a full line of horse inspired pewter equestrian jewelry.
Product ID : HLG-AH-B
Arabian horse head pewter cuff bracelet - equestrian jewelry.
Product ID : PJE41
dancing horse pewter horse inspired earrings. Equestrian jewelry earrings...
Product ID : PBR3-2
Equestrian jewelry bracelet that features 2 English stirrups made out of...
Product ID : HLG-D-B
Dressage horse pewter equestrian jewelry cuff bracelet. Dressage horse...
Product ID : HLG-ET-ER
Dressage horse doing an extended trot pewter earrings. These quality...
Product ID : HLG-F-GN
Friesian horse gorget pewter necklace - equestrian jewelry.