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Product ID : 90NFP-C
Brand new Edgewood leather cob size fancy stitched raised padded noseband /...
Product ID : 10SPZ-C-S
Brand new Edgewood leather plain raised noseband / caveson 3/4" cob sized.
Product ID : 90NPC-C
Brand new Edgewood leather cob size plain raised noseband / caveson 5/8".
Product ID : 90LPP-C
Brand new Edgewood leather cob size plain raised padded noseband / caveson 1".
Product ID : EDGR-4-SS
Top quality Edgewood fancy stitched leather horse girth with elastic on both...
Product ID : 30ZUR-7769
Brand new oversize flat running martingale from Edgewood leather.
Product ID : 58124
Black leather Walsh 3/4" wide lead with a 24" solid brass chain.
Product ID : 3744-BTC
Classic leather weanling/small pony size halter made by Walsh Harness Company.
Product ID : 3736-BTC-S
Cob size classic leather Havana colored horse halter made by Walsh Harness...
Product ID : 3735-HV-S
Yearling medium pony Classic Havana colored leather halter made by Walsh...
Product ID : 4035-WT
The leather grooming halter from Walsh Harness Company is a very nice halter...
Product ID : 58017-S
Leather lead made by Walsh Harness comes with a brass snap.