Tory Bridles

Top quality leather horse bridles from Tory Leather. Made in America by American craftsman with great attentention paid to the design, construction and detail of each bridle. MADE IN THE USA
Product ID : 1181HH
Classic English bridle with stud hook bit ends from Tory Leather. MADE in the...
Product ID : 1182HH
Classic English bridle with a flash caveson from Tory Leather. MADE in the USA
Product ID : 1129
Flat leather English bridle with matching leather reins from Tory Leather....
Product ID : 1132
Heavy duty fox hunt English bridle and reins from Tory Leather. MADE in the USA
Horse bridles made from environmentally friendly leather that is tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character, drum dyed to obtain deep uniform color and hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leather bridles that retain their color and enduring supple qualities. MADE IN THE USA