Cutting Board Care

Wood Cutting Board Care:

Hand wash using warm soapy water. DO not submerge the cutting board in water or place the cutting board in the dishwasher. It is best to clean your bamboo cutting board right after use. Do not let food or juices dry on board. Do not store your cutting board until it is clean and completely dry. Occasionally you should wipe your cutting board down with a clean cloth and a food safe oil or conditioner. Make sure to wipe off excess oil when finished. An all-natural food safe cutting board oil/conditioner is recommended. Make sure to condition all sides of the cutting board. Including the engraved side and edges. We use Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil & Natural Waxes or Howard's Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil. This brand can be found at most hardware or home store. How often you treat your board will vary on how often you use it. Once a month is the standard suggestion but a lot of people will do it every couple of weeks. It would need to be done more often if you use your cutting board daily. To freshen your bamboo cutting board up between oil/conditioner treatments, slice a fresh lemon in half and rub onto the surfaces of your cutting board.