Leatherette Jewelry Box - Cat Designs

Leatherette jewelry box with your choice of cat design and personalized engraved text. Cat Jewelry Box
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  • British Bi-Color, Short Hair, British Cream Short Hair, British Shorthair, Chartreux Cat
  • Arabian Wildcat, Balinese Cat, Bengal Cat, Birman Cat, Black Cat, British Short Hair
  • Abyssinian Cat, American Bobtail, American Curl, American Short Hair
  • Cat Nap, Kitten, Cat, Cat and Fish Bowl, Kitty, Fishing Kitty, Main Coon Cat
  • American Curl, Tabby Cat, Birman Cat, Bombay, Cat, British Bi-Color, Persian Cat
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Price: $44.95
Product ID : LJB-CT
Manufacturer: JDS
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Leatherette Jewelry Box - Cat Designs | Cat Jewelry Box

These leatherette cat design jewelry boxes have lots of space for all of your jewelry needs. The inside the cat jewelry box the top unsnaps to reveal a mirror and a compartment to hold chains and other small jewelry items securely in place. The bottom has a removable component that can be used in the cat jewelry box or on its own. It has a compartment on the bottom to hold rings or other small jewelry items and a snap enclosure mirrored lid to hold earrings and other small jewelry items in place. These cat jewelry boxes make a nice gift.

Overall Size: 7 1/2"(L) x 4 1/2"(W) x 2 3/4"

Colors: Dark Brown, Gray, Pink, Purple, Rawhide, Red, Teal, White

Personalize: Add text to your leatherette cat jewelry box. For example your name, a fun saying, cat's name, award information...whatever you like! Up to lines 3 lines of engraving. Max 30 characters per line. 

* Font Information: We will engrave your text EXACTLY how you type it in on your order. So if you use upper and lower case letters that is how your plate will be engraved. If you use all CAPITAL letters that is how your item will be engraved. Except for Cursive, Edwardian Script, Fiolex Girls, Lucida, Script, Script Solid and Tango they are only available in upper and lower case. If you want capital letters on one line and lower case on the other just type in your text exactly how you want it and that is how it be engraved on item. Again we engrave your itemg EXACTLY how you type it in! Feel free to email us with any questions.

* * This item cannot be returned/exchanged so please make sure to double check your spelling. When you receive your order confirmation email please review to make sure everything is correct on your order. If you find any errors please contact us right away with the correction(s)!

*** Design Information: Don't see the exact dog or cat design you are looking for? Click Here to view ALL of the dog & cat designs available.

Cat Designs: Abyssinian Cat, Bobtail Cat, American Curl Cat, Short Hair Cat, Arabian Wildcat, Cat Nap, Kitten, Cat, Cat and Fish Bowl, Kitty, Fishing Kitty, American Curl, Tabby Cat, Birman Cat, Bombay, British Bi-Color, Shorthair, British Cream Shorthair, British Short Hair, Chartreux, Chinchilla, Cornish Rex Cat, Mau Cat, Exotic Short Hair, Havana Cat, Balinese Cat, Bengal Cat, Birman Cat, Black Cat, British Short Hair, Burmese Cat, Cat Eating, Cat Stretch, Corner Cat, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex cat, Dog and Cat, Feeding Kitten, Flying Cat, Kitten Wave, Korat Cat, Maine Coon, Manx Cat, Norwegian Forest, Himalayan Cat, Japanese Bobtail, Main Coon, Manx, Oriental Shorthair, Persian Calico, Persian Coppereyed White, Persian Smoke, Scottish Fold Cat, Siamese Cat, Cheshire Cat Grin, Egyptian Cat, Oriental Short Hair, Persian Cat, Rag Doll Cat, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Siamese Cat, Siberian Cat, Somali Cat, Tabby Cat, Turkish Van Cat

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